Crazy Chicken Jump

Crazy Chicken Jump

Crazy chicken jump is an exceptionally amazing game that takes you on a fun and non-stop thrilling adventure on Hatching Island, to explore and experience all the escapades and stakes of a chicken’s life on Hatching Island. Characterized by mystery and strange happenings, the hatching island fantasy is purposed to make the life cycle of a chicken difficult. Right from the survival of the egg to the chicken, hatching island is filled with so many obstacles and enemies that wants to put a stop to their existence. This ultimate jump and crazy adventure game provides players with cool and accurate tilt control which enables players to complete the following in-game tasks;

1. Help egg jump to the tree nest before hatching.
2. Help chick to meet his brothers on the rooftop of the castle and avoid capture by the dangerous bird of hatching island.
3. Chicken’s family had previously been captured by aliens and locked up in a spaceship, using Tilt and Jump, you must help chicken retrieve its family from alien possession.

With crazy graphics, awesome music coupled with the fantastic fantasy of the mysterious Hatching Island and also with an opportunity to compare your score on the leaderboard and send challenges to your friends, this funny multi-level action packed mobile game, boasts of a couple of addictive features such as;

• Great in-game effects.
• Ability to resurrect if you lose a life.
• Awesome power-ups e.g. time slower magnet, reverse gravity etc.
• Chicken’s complete life cycle experience.
• 3 different chapters with different characters.
• 15 adventure filled levels of endless fun & action.
• Cool and thrilling gameplay which gets more interesting as your level increases.
• And Many More!!!

This free finger fun game is highly suitable for kids and adults who are fans of adventures, crazy RPGs, kid games, multi-level and cool jump games.
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